Giving Up Hunt,All Dogs For One Price.....

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Giving Up Hunt,All Dogs For One Price.....

Post  HOG WILD on Wed Apr 21, 2010 5:24 am

A friend asked me to post dogs for him.His daughter has gotten into rodeo and there are some expenses involved.He decided to sell his batch of dogs to make the money to invest in his daughter.He will be giving up hunt for the next few years to spend time and money on his daughter.He has caught 20 hogs in the last two months,thirteen with shanks.These dogs are between two and three years old.He is willing to bring intrested persons on a hunt here on Kauai.The asking price is 3500.00 for five dogs.He says they are a team,so he wants them to go together.If intrested call Kimo at 651-0794.

Aloha,Robert C.


small kine choppers
small kine choppers

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