Cheap ammo 20ga, 40 and 308

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Cheap ammo 20ga, 40 and 308

Post  sneakboxer on Wed May 19, 2010 4:01 am

Well the moving company is calling my ammo explosive so i can't ship it. It has to go.
Here is what i have left:
75 rounds of 20ga 7.5 and 8 shot
50 rounds of 40S&W 185gn FMJ
10 rounds of 308 180gn soft point federal
5 rounds of 20ga buck #3
All the above ammo is less than a year old and was stored properly. The brass is still shiny and they are in boxes.

I paid over $50 on this ammo and the first $20 will take it all.

Please email me at


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