Telemetry Tracking System FS

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Telemetry Tracking System FS

Post  Koa Boa on Mon Jul 19, 2010 5:55 am

Aloha Bradda's posting this up for sale:


Magnum Telemetry MT 8000 Digital Receiver barely used like new with a Marshall Telemetry hand held Collapsible Yagi also like new barely used. I bought this as a backup for our other telemetry system in case it went down so we wouldnt be without a telemetry system. This is a solid system just figure someone else may be able to put it to use. It also has the switched attenuator option installed!

Heres the receiver info:

The Mt-8000 is our top of the line receiver. The Mt-8000 has features not found on any other receiver on the market. Tracks all frequencies 149-174mhz. and 215-225.999mhz. Super sensitive for long range tracking. Has a memory mode for storing up to 1000 collars for instant recall. Memory feature allows you to store dogs name or collar color to identify each collar. Gain knob allows you to adjust gain level to pinpoint hound location. Display and keypad are backlit for night time use. Can be operated on regular alkalines. Comes with AC and DC chargers. The Mt-8000 is now available with an attenuator switch. The attenuator gives pinpoint accuracy and helps in distance estimation. The Mt-8000 is the only digital receiver on the market available with an attenuator switch option. Mt-8000 with attenuator switch $850

The MT-8000 is our top of the line receiver. It incorporates state of the art, digital, surface mount technology. What this means to you the hunter is dependable gear that will track any currently offered collar frequency. The Mt-8000 has excellent range and its shirt pocket size makes carrying it a pleasure. Check out the features below and we think you will agree the Mt-8000 is........ "THE ULTIMATE TRACKING MACHINE!!" Mt-8000 without attenuator switch $775 Tracks all frequencies 1000 collar programmable memory allows alphanumeric entry of dogs name number etc. to identify each collar. Solid housing of super durable aircraft aluminum alloy Lightweight, handheld size Runs on AA size Nimh rechargeable batteries (supplied with unit) rechargeable 1000's of times,does not develop memory like outdated nicad batteries do. Can also run on AA alkaline batteries available everywhere. Unit will run for 16 hrs. continuously on a full charge.

Heres the Yagi info:

Hand Held Collapsible Yagi Antenna Now you can have the next best thing to a Marshall receiver in terms of portability: our patent pending collapsible yagi antenna.

Folds down into a compact size for the best portability, opens up in seconds to a full-sized three element yagi array. BNC adaptor cable plugs in to your existing box receiver.

Rugged design proven and fine tuned over 10 years with thousands in the field. No more wing nuts. Hand held antenna works for 215 MHz to 220 MHz.

If you have any questions etc. please feel free to contact me by PM on this site. I bought the system for $1100 asking $1000 OBO.

Mahalo for your time and interest!

Bradda Muns

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