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Corporate Video Production Ekadoo

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Video is, without doubt, the most engaging communication tool for any business purpose. Whether you are demonstrating your product and services or training and educating customers and personnel, video speaks directly in a compelling visual format. You can respond fluently to your audience’s needs, while quietly, persistently reinforcing your company’s brand. As a comprehensive custom video production company, EKADOO located in California and specializes in full HD corporate, commercial, educational and training video production besides industrial video production. We passionately craft every second of the video material from a script or storyboards to a post production and final video distribution without cutting corners. Our custom video production service ensures that the video production is done as per your specifications. Beginning with a script, we handle every aspect of the production process in our California office, from story boarding to location research, green screen production and voice overs. We handle the video shoot itself and we have an in-house post production department for non-linear editing, 3-D graphics, animation, special effects, encoding and audio mixing. Continuing through delivery, we complete DVD authoring and mastering, packaging design, media duplication and fulfillment, encoding for web streaming and website integration. You will not even have to coordinate multiple services for your video production needs. We do it all here at EKADOO, California.
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Looking for something to set you apart from everyone else?
You have probably gone through a long list of video production
and web designing companies in Los Angeles.
Get to know us. Ekadoo is a full-service corporate video
production company and one of the premiere web design
companies in Los Angeles. To find out more contact us.
Fill out the form at right and see what Ekadoo can do for you.
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3868 Carson Str., Suite 324
Torrance, CA 90503

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