Custom Torches (flashlights)

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Custom Torches (flashlights)

Post  UpFront on Wed Aug 31, 2011 2:26 am

Alohaz, just puting a feeler out for interest in some custom flashlights I build. This one is just a prototype Mini that has not been cerakoted yet. It runs on either 1 cr123 disposable battery or 1 18350 Li Ion rechargeable battery. They will be equiped with a XM-L T6 LED that puts out about 500 lumens, or an XP-G R5 LED that puts out about 300 lumens on high. The user interface will either be single mode, three mode (high, med, low) or 5 mode (high, med, low with strobe and SOS).
I have some larger units sent out right now being Cerakoted in Blaze Orange, Coyote Tan, and Flat Dark Earth.
All lights are waterproof. NOT intended to be dive lights but if you are using it in the rain or drop it into the water or whatever they are O-ring sealed and will be ok.
Cerakote is a hard ceramic durable finish that the military uses on weapons. You can google it for more info. All other parts of the lights will be HAIII or stainless steel.
Like I said, these are custom lights so you can order special LED tints, reflectors, modes, holsters, clips, colors, etc.
So some feedback would be helpful as far as what kind of light you guys would like to have, and I will try to make it happen.
Prices for the lights will be around $150.00 for the larger size and $125.00 for the Mini.
Mahaloz for looking, Dave
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