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Post  Koa Boa on Fri Mar 02, 2012 7:22 am

This is straight outta the law books gang I just copied and pasted it so others can see that DLNR HAVE NOT BEEN LIVING UP TO THE STATUTES THAT THEY SHALL ABIDE BY!!!


183D-2. Powers and duties of department

The department shall: (The department metioned here is the Department of Land and Natural Resources or DLNR )

(1) Manage and administer the wildlife and wildlife resources of the State;

(2) Enforce all laws relating to the protecting, taking, hunting, killing, propagating, or increasing the wildlife within the State and the waters subject to its jurisdiction;

(3) Establish and maintain wildlife propagating facility or facilities;

(4) Subject to the provisions of title 12, import wildlife for the purpose of propagating and disseminating the same in the State and the waters subject to its jurisdiction;

(5) Distribute, free of charge, as the department deems to be in the public interest, game for the purpose of increasing the food supply of the State; provided that when in the discretion of the department the public interest will not be materially interfered with by so doing, the department may propagate and furnish wildlife to private parties, upon such reasonable terms, conditions, and prices as the department may determine;

(6) Ascertain, compile, and disseminate, free of charge, information and advice as to the best methods of protecting, propagating, and distributing wildlife in the State and the waters subject to its jurisdiction;

(7) Gather and compile information and statistics concerning the area, location, character, and increase and decrease of wildlife in the State;

(Cool Gather and compile information concerning wildlife recommended for release in different localities, including the care and propagation of wildlife for protective, productive, and aesthetic purposes and other useful information, which the department deems proper;

(9) Have the power to manage and regulate all lands which may be set apart as game management areas, public hunting areas, and wildlife sanctuaries;

(10) Pursuant to section 183D-65 of this chapter, destroy predators deemed harmful to wildlife;

(11) Formulate, and from time to time recommend to the governor and legislature, such additional legislation necessary or desirable to implement the objectives of title 12; and

(12) Preserve, protect, and promote public hunting.

I highlighted a couple that some may find eye catching!!!

This is my last post about this stuff as it seems that most huntaz think that this stuff doesnt involve them or theyre somehow unaffected with this stuff or they honestly dont care about the subject etc.


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