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Hunters vote

Post  hunters6262 on Wed Jul 09, 2014 2:38 am

Hunters/fishermen /gathers /Hawaiians .. If u Haven't registered to vote you need to go down by Thursday 7/8/14 to vote in the primary , go to election office at the County building it in the county office in any state of Hawaii fill out the application n pls vote DAVID IGE FOR GOV.. Need to bring state ID with your physical address not a PO Box But a form of physical address and can also be any type of form of a electric bill water bill or anything that will show that you are resident of the state of Hawaii and you live in that county that you're voting for.. Hunters remember if we don't vote we can't grumble about who we get that is taking everything away from us. If you are a felon you still can VOTe in the state of Hawaii. Big Island residence we need Kerri Marks in for our County Counsel. Folks take the time n vote our kids depend on us to make the difference ... GOD bless n please vote .

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