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Moanaloa hunting Permits Empty Moanaloa hunting Permits

Post  HYPA on Tue Mar 17, 2015 10:01 pm

Permits applications are  being taken to hunt moanaloa valley . You do not need liability insurance. You do need a valid hunting license.

I have been in a conversation with th DOFAW manager for the past few weeks about gaining access to Moanaloa. His goal is to "Reach as many hunters as possible".

Right now the pig hunting association has access for its members. There members have to have liability insurance because they represent the club. Public hunters do not , this is from Jason Misaki himself. Although you will have to go on a "list" every group has a 2 week rotation. Hunting is with dog and knife and bow and arrow.

Let it be known that the 2 weeks is a give and take +or~3 years. Rolling Eyes  so the sooner you get on the list the better.

Below is an email from Mr Misaki stating how he wants to Reach as many hunters as possible. Below is an email from Mr Misaki

2 hours agoDetails

We have had an ongoing relationship with the Pig Hunters Assn. for a long period of time.  We work with them so that we can reach greater numbers of hunters by working with a few individuals who can relay info and feedback, representing a part of the hunting community.  We do not work with them exclusively; the goal is to reach as many hunters as possible with our limited resources.  As I said earlier, we have had very few requests from other hunting/hunting interest groups for access.  In Moanalua we wanted to reach as many hunters as possible.  Permitting a group allows us to provide more access while maintaining a single point of contact to address issues.  The public is still allowed to hunt via permit, which did not change when we allowed the Assn. access to Moanalua.  

I have not suggested or required that the Assn. enact any rules or policies for joining the group; all we require under the permits issued is that members have a valid hunting license.  When the hunters are operating on applicable State lands, we do not require liability insurance.  However, the hunting rules do mandate that the hunter are responsible for their actions in certain situations.  

As far as the issue you are having with access, once again we have a limited capacity to manage the program.  Moanalua in not a Public Hunting Area, so a permit has to be issued in order for hunters to access.  This is a cumbersome task and we do not have to current staffing to address all  the issues associated with a permit system.  We lost our Game Biologist position some years ago and have been trying to reestablish it.  For now, our direction is to maintain a program that gets hunters into Moanalua.  

Jason Misaki
Wildlife Manager, Oahu Branch
Department of Land and Natural Resources
Division of Forestry and Wildlife
2135 Makiki Heights Dr.
Honolulu, 96822
Tel. (808) 973-9786
Cel. (808) 295-5896
Fax. (808) 973-9781

Again you will be on a list and yes there is a bunch of red tape but the bottom line is the state has failed to replace 500 acres it's fencing off in Poamaho and this is a way to access STATE property that has a hunting program.
Remember that you do not need to be in a club.....don't let anyone tell you otherwise...nor do you need to have liability insurance. Right now a private club has access to STATE LAND. Your tax dollars go into paying for these departments that are supposed to be working for us. Also the monies from your sporting purchases and license goes to maintaining these departments.

I urge all to apply.
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