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Lucky Night

Post  HOG H8R on Thu May 09, 2013 8:13 am

I was hunting HPU earlier tonight and my dogs when hit a nice size pig. Take em 800 yds. couple dogs pin em in the middle of the H3 freeway. Some braddahs when pull over and grabbed my dogs and killed the pig. They never seen the info on the collars but they took my dogs to VCA aminal clinic. I lost track of em and something told me go check VCA. Sure enough my dogs were there and so were the 3 guys that found em. They had the sau and was only 50 lbs or so. Ended up being some braddahs from molokai visiting family down here. Cool braddahs. They asked for the pig so I gave em to them. Figgured that's the least I could do for them since they found my dogs. Figure id share my story being that there are some cool people out there that find hunting dogs and try to return em. Mahalo to braddah Kimo dem for the find. Lucky night for me and mostly for my dogs. I just think could've been some animal.activists or humane society or worse, iron boars. Figure id give everyone a heads up be careful where u hunt. Aloha!
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