Deaf & dead Dogo Argentino

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Deaf & dead Dogo Argentino

Post  jdub on Sun Jun 16, 2013 1:03 pm

Just wanted to let anyone who's in the market for a Dogo Argentino that I was approached by a buyer who recently bought a puppy that was deaf and died before it was a year old.
Of course you always take a chance when you buy a dog but when you spend that much money you would like to think that the breeder has enough experience to check the dogs hearing. The pup died from a genetic disease and the owner spent huge money at the vet to save her dog but it didn't make it. The breeder was informed and told them he didn't know the dog was deaf and sorry about the disease but still plans to breed his adults.  
My thought is if you have puppies and take big money you should be responsibly breeding.  There's a very good chance the deafness will be passed on as well as the disease on future litters.
Unfortunate nobody in Hawaii does BAER testing for hearing. My adults came from breeders in Florida and California who don't sell puppies without this hearing test. It doesn't gaurentee my pups will be 100% but its a great start.  And at the very least its not hard to tell if your pup is deaf. If your a good breeder and you care what your selling.
Anyway my buyer was promised a pick of he litter next time this person has a litter which is cool but her kids were heartbroken and her wallet almost 10k lighter after the purchase and vet bills. Do your research or it could come back and bite you.

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