Astro 320 and three dc40 collars

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Astro 320 and three dc40 collars

Post  Rudy Nelson on Fri Nov 29, 2013 8:50 pm

3 dc40 collars and 320 hand held I was the only owner it works good, I have birds eye image of the whole Oahu island, I took the time to do the highest resolution could, section by section.. long range ant. I have the booklet for the hand held in the box..  still have boxes for everything and owner booklet crap..  but I like 605.00$ for everything..  no deals no like trade no like talk story sorry need the cash fast....  I not going reply to post!!!, sorry my bradahs just call me if u get the money I no more time, ill meet u half way if u live far....  4362979 Bradah Rudy oh and collars get colored straps..
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